Parents Testimonials

Hi Gill and Howard , just wanted to say a big thanks to all the staff at the school. We can clearly see all our kids are making remarkable progress and that’s down to the great teaching staff you have there . Enjoy your summer. Dan & Tanya Wright


Dear Gill and Howard

I would just like to take this oportunity of thanking you and the staff for making my son Lucas (age 6) so welcome at your school.

He is happy and progressed well. As you are aware there may be a chance that I have to teturn to The UK for personal reasons so Lucas has had an entrance test there at another school.

This he passed with flying colours and they commented that his Maths was well above the level for his age. Well done ISE!

Your hard work and dedication you put in at The School is a credit to you and all your staff and I sincerely thank you.

Seema Karia



My 2 daughters had attended other British schools, and this academic year we decided to enrol them at the ISE.

We were impressed that so much the study system, based on the Montessori method, with the small class numbers and modern facilities it was a perfect option. The change for our girls has been spectacular.

The atmosphere is family orientated and friendly. The teachers are dedicated and at the same time charming. The curriculum is structured but it allows the students to develop to their full potential. Our daughters are happy every day and look forward to going to school. I hope The School takes children over 12 years in the future. I fully recommend this school.

David Luna


I am really pleased to hear that the school is going well.

The kids are both well thank you and happy at school. It took Harry a while to settle in, but he is fine now and has a good circle of friends. He gets very good reports from his teachers (I think I mentioned to you before that they put him in the year above his age). Lucy settled in very quickly and is one of a large group of girls who change their ‘best friend’ every other week! She is also doing well with her classwork and is taking singing lessons.

We never forget that part of their success at school comes from the good grounding and excellent start they both had a ISE! (Not just the academic stuff, but also the fact that they were taught how to behave in class and have respect for the teachers and other children – keep it going!)

I expect you are all busy preparing for your Christmas show now. I remember very fondly all the great Christmas shows and the good fun everyone had together.

I hope you and the family are all well – have a wonderful Christmas!!

Jackie x


Hi Howard!

Our daughter Hudha started at ISE in September 2011. She is very happy to be there and has made a good progress this term.. We are so proud of her and your team! She was a late talker and she didnt speak properly even at 3. After she entered the school she starts to talk clearly and properly.. Thank god!! And thank you to Miss Carole and your team!! We are so proud to hear her talking with proper English accent.

There has not been a single day when she hasn’t wanted to go to school. Because she loves being there with her friends and teachers. Thank you so much for being so kind and lovely.

We won´t hesitate to recommend this school to everybody. Such a wonderful school with hard working and dedicated teachers. The school is small but the atmosphere is great and encouraging, that helps children improve in every aspect of school life. Our experience is excellent and we would highly recommend this school to all expat families.

Best Regards,

Nihar and Shabrina.


Summer was finally over and off she went, eyes sparkling, hair bouncing, toes hardly touching the ground. Our granddaughter was starting school but as time went on, the eyes dulled and the toes dragged. When asked about school she hung her head and kept her lips tightly shut. Something had to be done.

The International School Estepona accepted her as a student. Her learning abilities were thoroughly diagnosed and appropriate lessons began. Almost immediately we saw a change- more smiles, politeness and willingness to talk about her day. Homework sessions were no longer a battleground and there were a few “Star of the week” awards.

Now, two years later she is learning and happy. Her eyes twinkle once more.

As a specialist in Early Childhood education and a loving Granma, I say to the Staff and Leadership of The International School Estepona, “Thanks, you saved a child”.

Grandmother of Lola Charlier Ford aged 8








Dear Mr. Howard,

Our children Patrick and Oda-Sofia will not attend to school year 2011-2012 as we are moving out of Spain during the summer months 2011.

The children have enjoyed tremendously their year at your school and they will miss it alot. We are ever so grateful of having this opportunity of having them there and we can see a huge change in particularly in Patrick’s attitude towards everything; school, new surroundings, friends etc. Patrick has become more outgoing and happy whereas Oda-Sofia is bubling in English where ever she goes; she even chatted happily on Finnish national TV the other week in English :). Unfortunately we can’t stay in Spain for much longer, but we will take lots of fantastic memories with us where ever we go next.

Best regards, Riina & Kalle Palander


Dear Howard and Marbellaschool team !

Thanks so much for taking our girls in to your school on short notice.

Amanda (10) and Bertine (7) state them selves that they have learned

alot and gained new friends during these 5 weeks,

and they would like very much to come back at some point in time if the

situation permits !

(maybe summer school)

Please extende our best regards to Miss Michelle and Miss Emma who has

made this period a success and an experience for life, for our girls.


Yours sincerely,

Roger and Inger-Lise Josefsen

Oslo, Norway


Dear Gill and Howard

I would like to wish you a well deserved break.

I would also like to thank you for all you have done to help settle Henry into your School.

Henry has learnt so much over the past 6 weeks. I am so greatful. Henry is truly happy which make me happy too.

Thankyou to a school that cares about the child and education.


(See you in September)


Dear Howard and Gill,

We can’t believe how quickly our year in Spain has gone by. We have had an amazing time and the school has been an enormous part of our wonderful experience here. We want to thank you for all your help and guidance with the admission process and with advice in general about our new home here. ISE was the perfect choice for us as our boys felt so welcomed in their small classes with such kind teachers and staff. The personal attention went a long way towards their adjustment to a new country and school. They have never complained about going to school this year which is a new experience for us as parents giving us a new attitude to go home with. School should be fun!

Both our boys have come along academically this year as well. Lyon loves that Ms. Emma always provides him with new challenges and praises him for working at a higher level when he can. Gray’s reading has improved dramatically and he really enjoys it now as before it was a chore. We think the older children reading with the younger ones made a big impact on him and added motivation where he had very little before. Our boys have come out of their experience at ISE with confidence and new friends and a much better attitude towards school and for all of that we are very grateful.

Thank you for a great year and we wish you all the best of luck!


Alane and Varick Foster

Palm Beach, Florida USA


Thank you Howard – I appreciate your kind reply – especially so late in the day — We don’t have the flexibility to attend May/June as my son is enrolled in a Spanish Immersion School (us kindergarten) and the term ends in June for us. Is there any school or summer program that you would suggest in Malaga – either a futbol camp or some type of play based program that would reinforce our son’s spanish. He’s bilingual and we have tried to expose him to Spanish from Spain most summers. We have traditionally picked bilingual schools as the parents/children/teachers have enjoyed the exposure to an American child and it’s less frustrating for our son. I understand completely that you would be highly regarded as a school and have a waiting list. Our friends in Sotogrande had suggested your school to us and they had heard about it from friends that attended. Traditionally we have gone to Madrid and wanted a change of scenery! Thanks so much for your kind reply. I would be grateful for any suggestions you might have.


Susan Solinsky

San Francisco California USA


Dear Gillian & Howard,

Andy and I would like to thank you both very much for all the support you have given us over the past few months.

When my mother was ill in hospital, you had no hesitations in accepting Tara mid-term into your school although she had barely reached the age of two, to enable me to have the time to look after my mother and do the journey to and from the hospital. Whenever required, Guy was able to stay longer at school or dropped off earlier. This made life so much easier and my mother too is very grateful to you.

You and all your members of staff have once again enforced our belief that we made the right choice in sending Guy to your school. As you are aware, we visited your school on the recommendation of another parent and knew right away, that we had found the ideal place even though we have to travel over 30 km each way. A child’s education is of utmost importance, but it is just as important that the school cements the same values that we as parents instil in our children.

In the two years that Guy has been a pupil, he has never once not wanted to go to school and has never come home complaining. He takes great pride in his progress and this reflects the dedication shown by the teachers who encourage him. We too feel proud, when even strangers comment on how articulate and confident he is, without being precocious.

We look forward to being part of “The International School Estepona” for may more years to come and look forward to seeing the school growing from strength to strength.

Kindest regards,

Juliet & Andy

& Guy Coope-Vickers


Our 3 girls ages 7, 6, and 4 entered International School Estepona (ISE) over a year ago when we relocated to Spain from America. Prior to selecting ISE, we examined all of the international schools in the area, from Sotogrande to east of Marbella. Coming from the fields of both education and mental health, we were very critical in our review of the strengths and weaknesses of each as we sought the one with the best fit for our girls. We liked ISE because while it was small, it was purpose built. It minded details such as heating, cooling and a safe place for the children to play and learn. We chose ISE because we saw significant evidence in our visit and communications with the school that it emanated a culture inclusive of not only academics, but also of a nurturing supportive environment.

Once we enrolled, we found our experience of the school aligned with our initial impressions. They worked closely with our family and partnered with us in supporting our children in their transition to not only a new school, but new everything. They quickly assessed the children’s capabilities and placed them in tracks where they could grow and learn within their own style and pace all the while being challenged to pursue the next step in growth. They facilitated opportunities for the children to make friends, and participate in nonacademic endeavors such as the arts and sports. They facilitated our children’s opportunity to learn Spanish as a second language, without compromising the pursuit of mastery of English.


Now at the school for their second year, the children are thriving. In my opinion, this is for several reasons. First, the school’s small size and dedicated staff make for an environment where everyone has a relationship with your child- the heads of school, the teachers, the students, and even other parents. That fact paired with a culture of nurturing means that every day the children have positive and caring reflected back on them. This is key and offers lifelong benefit as children in the developmental stage populated by the school are solidifying their self-concepts. Not only does this caring environment secure positive development, but, feeling safe and respected is a precursor to any kind of meaningful learning. Another benefit to the small size of the school is the capability for teachers to make individual learning plans. This means that each child has the ability to accomplish tasks set forth by the British National Curriculum using their own learning style and progressing at their own pace. The task of bringing British National Curriculum to the individual level of each child is quite an undertaking and one you will find no other so school willing take on. The culture of caring and individualized academics sets this school apart from any other on the coast.


Jill Corvelli, Estepona

We all moved to Spain 18 months ago and as a family we were all looking forward to an exciting new start to our lives. Our daughter Meghan age 10 has been attending the ISE now for just under 12 months as previously she was enrolled in another school here in Spain. To say she was not happy where she was is an understatement and was coming home very quiet and became very withdrawn. As a parent I thought ” What have I done” It soon became clear that she was being bullied quite badly where she was and nobody in authority at that school seemed bothered. We decided enough was enough and we looked straight away for another school. Luckilly for us and for Meghan we made an appointment to see Howard and Gill at the ISE and it was the best thing we ever did. Meghan wanted to start straight away which she did and has never been happier. She came home the first day with a huge smile on her face and has done so ever since.

Thankyou to Howard, Gill and all the staff at the ISE for helping Meghan to become confident and happy once again.

Paul and Alison McClure, Manilva.


Howard, Gillian & Catherine

I just wanted to say how pleased we are with your school – Freddie and Sophia love going to school every day (not something we have enjoyed before) and they are both growing in confidence by the day – they have a real bounce in their step.

Freddie was very proud of himself when he told our friends today that his teacher was Miss Catherine !

Look forward to seeing you soon. Thanks again.

With best wishes

Paul Marshall


p.s. great photos of sports day on the website !!


Before Victoria aged 8 started at the International School of Estepona, she had what I called ´school phobia´, she didn´t like going to school!

However, before we had even finished the tour and meeting with Howard and Gill she whispered, “please mum let me come here”

Victoria now goes to school happy and comes home happy, something I never believed could happen with her.

I too am very happy with the warm, friendly enviroment.

Rebecca Mols


Dear Gill and Howard

International School Estepona

After a few failed attempts at finding a school that I was happy to send my daughters, I found yours and I couldn’t be happier with it. Every child is seen as an individual and treated as such. Each child’s strengths are recognised and encouraged and if extra help is needed it is provided. I especially love that the school has a very friendly, family orientated atmosphere which gives the children all the support and confidence they need to flourish. The school has grown rapidly in size and facilities but the close family feeling has not been lost. I am also so impressed with the education that my children are receiving. I can’t believe how much they have learnt in such a short space of time.

Recently my youngest, 2 ½ was a bit under the weather so I asked her if she would like to stay at home with mummy for the day. She replied No, I want to go to school. What more can I say!

Thank you Gill and Howard, and all the teachers, you have made school a wonderful place to be.

Jane Maher Loughnan


My children, aged 7 and 10, joined ISE in October, following our move to Spain from Scotland . As with any move, we worried that the experience would be unsettling for the children – new country, new language, new culture, new house, new friends, new school.

We are so glad that we chose ISE for the children, it really has helped them settle into their new life.

Our initial impression of the school was that it was very welcoming and we were made to feel at home. The staff treat each child as individual and genuinely care about all aspects of the child’s well-being, not just their academic achievements.

The family atmosphere of the school, the feeling of acceptance and encouragement has helped our children become more confident, not only in their academic abilities, but socially, too. We have noticed a more ‘can-do’ attitude in the children since they joined ISE and we put that down to the fact that the staff recognise their efforts, praise them, and then encourage them to stretch themselves even further.

The school has grown in size since our children joined but this has in no way impacted the care and attention they receive, indeed the new classrooms and sports facilities mean that the school now offers more varied activities during and after the school day.

Our experience of ISE has been incredibly positive, and I would recommend the school to any parent who wants their child to receive a good academic education in a positive environment, where the ethos of mutual respect promotes confidence and self-esteem.

Lesley Allan



Hi everyone its Stefanie Olivers Mum. Just thought I would drop you all a line as i was just checking out your website to see what was happening at ISE! The new sports facilities look great and you all look like you are having fun as usual! Olly misses school especially Angeles and Catherine! He keeps asking where his friends Guy and Big Billy are!! He attends a nursery called Blackmoor Park in West Derby Liverpool right by where our new house is. He’s only in for 2 and a half hours in the afternoon but he really enjoys it. Ive put his application forms in for a really good Catholic school in the area called St Pauls & St Timothys and i should receive acceptance letter (hopefully) in April, then he will start full time in September. Evie has just turned 1 and is doing great (she is absolutely massive!!) i would have had her in with Angeles by now!

Anyway hope everyone is great and wish you all best of luck with the new school. Thank you all so much for everything.



Hi to everyone at the International School Estepona

We would just like to say thank you for the magic you seem to have performed with our son Eduardo age 7 , who after spending two terms at a Spanish school was withdrawn at home and becoming a little naughty to say the least , we put it down to a big change for him as we had moved here from Brazil .We decided it was time for him to start learning English so I contacted yourselves and we enrolled Eduardo in your school last September , well what a remarkable transformation ! Eduardo has come out of himself , he has a big smile on his face not only at home but also on the way to school in the mornings ! He has completely changed and his English is coming on great as is my wife’s as we all sit down and do the homework together ! Finding your school was the best thing we could have done for Eduardo we are genuinely very grateful to all of you and look forward to many happy years ahead . I wish school was as fun as this where I went in South London then perhaps there wouldn´t be so many spelling mistakes in this e mail !

Thank you everyone!

Dan and Edi Rhodes, Nov 2007


Dear Gill and Howard

I would like to say thank you to your school for making Ellie so happy. She had been to Spanish Schools previously and really lacked confidence. I think, although her Spanish was very good, she could not express herself properly. Now that she is at your school she is so happy and confident. I will be eternally grateful for that. All you want is your children to be happy. She loves playing rounders with Howard and sharing jokes. I am just about to book my 3 year old daughter in. Now she is a different kettle of fish!!

Cheryl Kebbel, Manilva


I finally want to thank you ALL for the wonderful support you gave me the last 2 years !!! You all know how close Robert and me are and we both had a hard time the last years. Robert is sooooo happy and he really feels at home with you. Alison wiped of many tears the first year and he always went to get his hugs from her when I left (incl. his friend Howard). Thank you.

I am sure the family atmosphere willl stay even though we are growing.

Thank you,

Bernhard and Nicole


p.s. just for all of you to know, Robert spoke no word of English, now he doesn´t stop chatting even though we speak Dutch / German at home.


As parents of children attending the school we have found their development very satisfying since they joined in 2007.

Our girls, Noor ,aged 6 and Sophie, aged 3 could not speak English or Spanish when they arrived in Spain, that’s why we were very interested in the system used by This School. The class numbers are small friendly and the general atmosphere in The School is one of friendship.

The Mothers also have good contact with each other and meet each week to chat and arrange time for the children to see each other outside of school.

They love to go to school each day, my eldest daughter enjoys the practical parts of the lessons and my youngest is very happy to join the sports activities outdoors.

As a parent I am very proud to see the level at which they have learnt English in such a short time. I see this as a compliment to their teachers.

Thank you to everyone.

Robert and Inge – Estepona


We have two children at The International School Estepona. Harry aged 6 and Lucy aged 3.

When we first moved to Spain in 2002 we thought that it was important to send our children to a Spanish school, so that they could quickly learn the language and embrace the culture.

However, Harry was unhappy at his Spanish school for a variety of reasons, and given our limited ability to converse effectively with the school and the fact that English is increasingly the worldwide business language, we decided to research the International Schools in the area which offered an international style of education with English as the primary language but with Spanish taught as the second language.

The International School Estepona has helped give our son back the confidence he was beginning to lose. The school is family run and has a warm and friendly atmosphere. Old fashioned values such as politeness, respect and courtesy for others are nurtured and expected. The teachers are experienced and loved by the children. The children are well disciplined, very happy and bullying is not tolerated.

We are very pleased with Harry and Lucy’s progress. Having adopted many of the Montessori principles, the school encourages children to work at their own pace. If they are bright they are not held back, but equally, if they need extra support they are given it.

We live near Duquesa and it takes 25 minutes to drive to the school. It is worth it. We chose to live in Spain and our children did not have a choice, so we feel we owe it to them to give them an education which is at least equal to the standard they would have received in the UK . As the school follows the British National Curriculum, should we ever need to move, we could send the children to an English school anywhere in the world and they would slot straight into their new environment.

Jackie & Mike Nicholls Manilva


My son joined the school a year ago, without having any communication facilities in the English language. The process of evaluation of his communication skills has become noticeable immediately; the friendly and family atmospheres of the school and of the teachers, helped Viktor become more confident and very involved in the school life and activities. By now, he speaks fluent English and is very happy in the school! I would like to thank every member of staff for all their help in settling my son in the school.

Inna Kreneva.


Dear Gill

I am sending this e-mail to tell you how pleased I am with my daughter’s progress since joining your school in October of 2006.

She had spent a brief time in the Spanish system and was very unhappy but since joining your school she is a different child. Her school work is coming on in ‘leaps and bounds’ for which I thank her teacher, Alison, for her individual attention to Brooke helped by the small class environment.

For the first time Brooke is really enjoying doing homework. Her Spanish is improving now that she is receiving lessons every day.I thank you all for the friendly atmosphere which is very relaxing for Brooke and reassuring for me.

Kind regards

Jodie Bowers


I would like the thank everyone at the International School Estepona. You have helped my son start to reach the potential I knew he had but that the Spanish system wasn’t able to do. After just under 1 term he can now read, write properly (even though he still will not choose to use either his left or right hand) he does his homework every night, sometime without me asking!!!He is more like the little boy he was, he loves going to school, his manners are impecable and when he comes home he is in an amazing mood! So once again thanks for all you have done and I look forward to Sebastian being at your school for as long as he can.

Natalie Palmer Estepona


Tabitha has just started her 2nd year at your school. In the last year she has flourished academically and socially and can´t wait to get to school each morning! As parents we find the staff warm, very friendly and approachable and we are very impressed with all the modern facilities the school has to offer. We are therefore pleased that we are now sending our youngest daughter to your nursery class who is clearly enjoying her mornings with you. Thank you for all your support, care and direction with both our daughters.

Nicholas and Janine Richmond


We are very happy to have found a different school, with the values that we share. In the little time that Adriana has attended this school, we see that she has learnt new things, she is responding to different languages and we notice that she wants to go to class every day. We were concerned to see how Adriana coped with her new friends, as this is the first time that she has left the family nucleus, as she never went to the nursery. Thank you for the affection with which you are taking at The School.

Raquel and Alejandro, Marbella


Howard and Gillian, It is with much sadness that I have to inform you that due to work commitments we will be relocating during October 06 from to re: our recent discussions on the matter. As such we will be taking both Brodie and Bliss out of School at that time. I will give you the exact date nearer the time when we have that information. We feel very sad about this from the children’s point of view as they have both been extremely happy at your facility and it is a shame that they have to move as I feel they would have continued with you for many years given the chance. Both Lisa and I would like to extend a very warm thank you to the both of you and all your staff for the care and attention you have taken with both Brodie and Bliss and I will certainly recommend your school to anyone who will listen. It is also an indication of how highly we regard your methods that Bliss has already been enrolled into another Montessori school in Cape Town . Very best regards

Ashley and Lisa Lees


We had never left our little girl, Adriana, who is two and a half years old, with anybody only with family. When she first entered “ The International School Estepona ” all kind of worries ( came in our head ) began to bother us:

– She might think we´ve abandoned her.

– She will feel lost.

– She will feel alone.

– She will feel like a stranger between so many children.

– She will feel unsure and not eat anything.

That day we had no patience and we were waiting for her long before the end of class. To our surprise our little girl came out so naturally and with her little head full of new experiences and new emotions.

A month has gone by since that day and Adriana enters the school with such confidence because she knows that:

– After lunch we will collect her.

– Her teachers are there to help her in anything she requires.

– She will have exciting experiences with new friends.

– She belongs to these nice people.

– She will sit down and eat with all of them after playing and learning.

Thank you Gillian, Howard, Angeles and Alison for all your work and kindness.

Mark & Carolina Evans.


Moving is stressful. Moving to a foreign country half way across the world with your family is even more stressful. Wondering where your child will go to school in that foreign country half way across the world can cause anxiety, as one could imagine.

As any parent, I wanted what would be best for my child. Prior to finding a house in Spain, I searched the internet for local schools. A house is a house but a great school can be the ticket to a successful transition when moving far away from your homeland.

After a lot of research, I was drawn again and again to the International School of Estepona. My daughter, already a Montessori student, I felt, would enjoy an easy transition from a Montessori school in California. Yet, what impressed me initially was the immediate response I received from the director. Within 24 hours of my email from the States, I heard back from Gillian Godbold the Director. She graciously welcomed us, offered a tour of the school and was eager to provide any information we needed. I did contact other schools much closer to my neighborhood but did not receive such a warm welcome.

My husband visited the school and many others prior to our move. He said of the International School of Estepona, “I think you are really going to like it and our daughter will too. It is a small school that is impeccably clean and organized. The owners love children. One can see they started this school because they enjoy children.”

Sixth months later here we are. We are residents of the Costa del Sol. I commute each day 30 minutes to bring my daughter to school. Many friends where I live think I am crazy. I think my friends are crazy to NOT do so. As an educator for over 10 years I believe in my heart that a child can only learn when provided with a safe and loving environment. It is only then when a child can develop and blossom. Thank goodness, we have found just that environment.

The International School offers relevant curriculum to enhance the child’s learning abilities. I am forever grateful to Gillian and her team. They have created a place where my daughter FEELS confident. As a result she is happy, well adjusted, speaking and singing in Spanish, reading letters, starting to write letters. Gillian and her team have made me appreciate where my daughter is in her development, celebrate it, not rush or force it and allow it to grow and foster. It is a wonderful, wonderful program and we feel blessed to be a part of this family, the International School of Estepona.

Jennifer Met

January 2006


We would like to tell you how happy we are that we put Noelle into your School, as she is always been with me for her first 2,5 years I really felt safe to leave her with you and Gill as you are like a family, at another school where she would just be another little girl.

We are moving away from Spain in February and I must say this is the main thing I will miss from Spain, I know for sure that we will not find a school as nice and family orientated as yours. Thanks so much for this first impression of school you have given Noelle being which has been great for her, she just love´s to come and see you guys every day. We will miss you very much.

Anja and Tony Berkman

El Velerin



Sam has really enjoyed his 1st term at The International School Estepona. He has gained confidence and has learnt many new skills, including some basic Spanish. He is always very enthusiastic about going to School and has a very good relationship with his peers and teachers.

As parents we found The School very positive and encouraging at all times and willing to listen to any concerns that we may have had. I know Sam will miss The School very much and we would have no hesitation if we returned to Spain of enrolling Sam again. A big thankyou to you all.

Sarah and Paul Newman



“We are exceptionally pleased with this friendly school and its all round impact on Harry (age 4). He looks forward to each day and often does not want to leave at home time. Educationally, he has performed beyond our expectations and is already reading, writing and learning Spanish.”

Jackie and Mike Nicholls



“Since Phoebe (Aged 4) has been attending The International School I have noticed a vast improvement and positive response in her. She has regained her self confidence, her reading vastly improved and her general knowledge is excellent. The teachers are very understanding and always taking your child´s needs into account. Well done Gill and Howard….Brilliant.”

Paula Jackson

Estepona West


“We were looking for a school for Xan which would allow him to develop at his own pace and be himself, whilst assisting him to fulfil his potential. We feel that your School is providing all these elements and most importantly, Xan is very happy there.”

Marita and David McCollom



Hi Howard!

Our daughter Hudha started at ISE in September 2011. She is very happy to be there and has made a good progress this term.. We are so proud of her and your team! She was a late talker and she didnt speak properly even at 3. After she entered the school she starts to talk clearly and properly.. Thank god!! And thank you to Miss Carole and your team!! We are so proud to hear her talking with proper English accent.

There has not been a single day when she hasn’t wanted to go to school. Because she loves being there with her friends and teachers. Thank you so much for being so kind and lovely.

We won´t hesitate to recommend this school to everybody. Such a wonderful school with hard working and dedicated teachers. The school is small but the atmosphere is great and encouraging, that helps children improve in every aspect of school life. Our experience is excellent and we would highly recommend this school to all families.

Best Regards,

Nihar and Shabrina