Enrolment Conditions

The International School Estepona (hereinafter called ‘The School’) undertakes to provide an education of quality suitable to the pupil’s age and abilities in accordance with the Montessori education ethic. The parents or guardian undertake to pay the fees and any other costs on a term basis, prior to the commencement of term. The School aims to provide a caring, stimulating and learning environment for your child, where he or she can grow and develop. Providing a safe, responsible, free and creative atmosphere in which learning can take place to maximum advantage. Every child who joins The School is given support to help him or her become a confident and happy member of the community. The School provides individualized education, and looks forward to forming a close relationship with the parents or guardian in the education of your child. The School nurtures all pupils into providing good work, which is rewarded and praised. The School insists on good discipline and promotes caring for each other. The School has a discipline procedure, which includes a close liaison with parents or guardians.

Fees are to be paid strictly prior to the commencement of term. Failure to comply with this will result in the withdrawal of educational services for the child.

Term and Registration Fees once paid are not returnable.

The School hours are 9.20AM to 4.00 PM, Monday to Friday. Extra hours are available on arrangement at an extra charge paid in advance.

If the child needs to leave The School a full terms notice must be given in writing. Failure to follow this procedure will make you liable for the next terms fees. The School has to maintain a firm policy on this subject, which The School is sure that all parents and guardians fully understand.

If a sibling is enrolled at The School whilst the first child is still in attendance a 10% reduction in term fees will be applied to the second and other subsequent children from the same parents. This discount is only applicable to term fees and all other charges must be paid as normal.
The registration fee is not refundable under any circumstances unless a place cannot be offered.

The registration fee is not refundable if the place once offered is not taken up.

The School policy is that it is extremely important for the child’s progress that he or she attends school on a regular basis. If a child is sick the parent or guardian should telephone the school as soon as possible to report the child’s non-attendance. The School does not allow children to attend The School with contagious diseases. The School requests that children do not attend The School with coughs or colds. Fees are not refundable in any way due to illness. If the child becomes ill whilst at The School the parent or guardian will be contacted and asked to collect the child promptly.
It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to keep The School updated of any changes of address, telephone numbers or email address.

The School must be informed if any child has any allergies or food allergies in writing including skin allergies.

If a child is on medication, The School must receive written confirmation and instructions of dosage. On sunny days it is the sole responsibility of the parents or guardian to administer sun block of a high factor to children on daily basis prior to their attendance.

The Child must be collected by the undersigned at all times. If anyone else is to collect the child The School must be advised in advance in writing of who will collect the child and he or she will only be released with valid photographic identification. The Child must also be signed out by the collector.

All clothing and belongings must be clearly and indelibly marked. The School is not responsible for the loss of uniform or belongings.

Parents and Guardians should ensure that all clothing and shoes are easy for the children to put on and remove themselves. Velcro fastenings are highly recommended.

Children must wear school uniform at all times which can be purchased on The School premises. No alternatives are acceptable.

A change of clothing should be left at The School for emergencies. Sun hats for the summer and waterproof clothing for the winter are required. All available from the Uniform supplier.

The School understand that normal wear and tear’ does happen on books and equipment but any wilful damage has to be paid for.

The School promotes good communication between parents/guardians and staff. If there is a special case that needs to be discussed it is requested that the parents/guardians make an appointment to meet The Principal.

The School holidays will be clearly displayed on the notice board. The School will also close for National and Local Holidays that fall within normal term time. Terms vary in duration due National holidays although each terms fees remain the same.

Holiday Clubs will be arranged and this is to be paid for as an extra activity in advance. This will be arranged according to demand and dates will be displayed on The School notice board

Occasionally The School will take Photographs of some children for promotional reasons concerning The School in the local press and School website, Facebook page, etc. On signing The Enrolment Conditions you indicate to The School that you have no objections to this and understand that this is voluntary.
The School expects all children to arrive with good manners with respect for adults and other children and to be adaptable to The School’s environment. These essential attitudes that the parents or guardians have worked hard to establish in the child will be nurtured and enhanced in the child’s time at The School. Failure for a child to adhere to this ethic may eventually result in a child’s suspension or expulsion from The School. We hope that the parents or guardian will work with The School to ensure that the child’s time is an enjoyable and constructive activity establishing positive attitudes for future life and learning.

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I agree to submit this information voluntarily to The International School Estepona and the details will be held confidentially and are the responsibility of Gillian Godbold NIF X2485503P and any information will not be available to uninterested parties.

You are within your rights to view the relevant file and withdraw any previous information supplied at any time.

Name of Child

Signed Parent/Guardian

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